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Discover the DiscoveryZone Experience: A Safe and Fun Haven for Kids

Discover the DiscoveryZone Experience - A Safe and Fun Haven for Kids

Discover the DiscoveryZone Experience: A Safe and Fun Haven for Kids

We take immense pride in our facility, and it’s not just because of the thrilling play areas we offer. We’re dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable environment where children can play, make new friends, and create lasting memories. To ensure everyone’s well-being and a seamless experience, we have a few essential rules and guidelines in place.

Safety and Respect First

First and foremost, our facility is a place of fun and safety. We have a strict policy against unruly behavior and harassment toward our staff. Our goal is to maintain a welcoming atmosphere where children can freely explore and learn while being respectful to others. To achieve this, we invest a significant amount of time in continuous cleaning and sanitization. We even go the extra mile by using medical/hospital grade disinfectants to spray down our playscape regularly.

No Pull Ups or Diapers on the Playscape

You might wonder why we don’t permit children in pull-ups or diapers on our playscape. The answer is simple: it’s a matter of hygiene. We want every child’s experience to be enjoyable and accident-free. To ensure this, we require that all children using the playscape be fully potty trained. Kids in diapers or pull-ups are welcome to explore our toddler zone and soft block play areas on the ground level, where they can have a blast without any worries.

Food & Refreshments

While we don’t offer prepared meals, we understand that kids and parents get hungry during their playtime. At our Eastgate location, you’re welcome to bring your own food, with the exception of birthday cakes and cupcakes (which require a party room reservation). We also offer a selection of beverages, from bottled drinks to juice boxes, for purchase. For those who need a quick snack, we have packaged snacks available for purchase as well. Please note that alcohol and spitting tobacco are not allowed, and coolers with ice or piñatas are not permitted in our facility.

Requirements for Playing & Admission

Playing at DiscoveryZone is straightforward and affordable. At our Eastgate Mall location in Cincinnati, OH, all-day play rates are $14 for potty-trained children, $5.00 for toddlers (children in diapers or pull-ups, or 2 and under), and $2.00 for adults. For our Florence Mall food court location, play is timed for 2 hours to ensure everyone has a fair chance to enjoy the fun. Upon check-in, waivers must be signed, and socks are required for play (available for purchase if forgotten). We kindly ask all guests to be respectful and avoid kicking or throwing blocks. Kids playing on the playscape should stay in that area, and parents can relax at our tables or in the parent zone while keeping an eye on their children.

Private Events and Field Trips

If you’re interested in hosting a private event, feel free to contact us at sales@discoveryzone.com or (513) 834-3588. Private events are primarily available from Monday to Thursday, and additional fees may apply.

Birthday Party Information

For all the exciting details about birthday parties at Discovery Zone, please visit the “Birthday Party Info” tab on our main webpage. As of April 2022, walk-in general admission birthday parties cannot bring cake or cupcakes into the facility. Party room reservations are required for such treats.

At DiscoveryZone, we’re all about creating fantastic memories in a safe, clean, and respectful environment. We look forward to welcoming you and your family for an unforgettable playtime experience!

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